Enrollment Decision


Decisions aren't only made by colleges.  Selecting a school to attend is one of the most important decisions a student will ever make.

The admissions landscape has changed over recent years, and it is now harder than ever to gain admission into selective colleges and universities.

The College Expert will guide you through all aspects of the process to ensure that your child presents the strongest application possible and reaches his/her full potential.

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College Preparation


As colleges are becoming increasingly competitive, making strategic decisions throughout high school is more crucial than ever.

Jason Rubinstein, M.S.Ed.

Application Process


Crafting a strong, compelling application is essential.  From activities to essays, this is the student's time to shine.

Developing a List


Formulating an appropriate college list requires not only research, but also self-reflection and a number of other key considerations.

Admissions Consulting

HAVING WORKED ON BOTH SIDES OF THE PROCESS, Jason offers a wealth of KNOWLEDGE AND experience in the world of college admissions.