Serving Long Island and the NY Metropolitan Area

​​College Preparation

To be a successful college applicant in today’s competitive environment, it is more important than ever to strategically plan high school coursework, standardized testing, and extracurricular activities.  The College Expert can help ensure that your child is establishing an appropriate academic plan and activity record to maximize the chances of gaining admission into the colleges of his/her choice.  Services include:

1) Comprehensive review of academic records and high school offerings, including AP and/or IB courses

2) Recommendations of core and elective courses based on student’s interests, goals, and abilities

3) Development of standardized testing strategy, timeline, and preparation schedule

4) Suggestions on how student can differentiate him/herself and stand out through activities, organizations, and experiences

Application Process

Crafting strong, compelling applications requires a great deal of time, thought, creativity, and strategy.  To stand out, a successful applicant needs to demonstrate not only strong academic performance, but also a commitment to the interests and activities with which he/she is most passionate.  Writing unique, creative essays also plays a significant role in the process.  The most selective institutions are seeking hardworking, passionate students who stand out as extraordinary in increasingly competitive applicant pools.  The College Expert has helped hundreds of students strategically produce quality applications that have yielded thousands of acceptances.  This experience, along with his background as an admissions committee member, can be of great value as you navigate this complex process.  Services include:

1) Comprehensive review of all applications with proposed revisions

2) Prompt responses to all inquiries throughout entire process

3) Recommendations to best present extracurricular activities, highlighting student’s achievements, leadership, and awards/accolades

4) Essay Advisement:   Brainstorming of potential topics and thorough review of each draft with proposed revisions to best showcase student’s creativity and writing abilities

5) Assistance with identifying individuals most appropriate to compose letters of recommendation

6) Interview preparation and mock interviews with comprehensive feedback (when applicable)

7) Guidance on completion of scholarship applications and financial aid forms, including FAFSA and CSS Profile

8) Advisement on how to handle admission deferrals and/or waitlist offers to maximize the chances of admission

The College Expert’s extensive experience as a high school counselor and college admissions officer can help you and your child navigate all aspects of the process:

Admissions Consulting

​​Developing a College List

Strategically assembling a list of prospective colleges is a task that requires a comprehensive review of the student’s credentials, an assessment of student/family preferences, online & offline research, self-awareness, and an understanding of the competitive admissions landscape.  The College Expert can assist in identifying a balanced mix of schools that take into consideration all of these factors.  Services include:

1) Recommendations of specific institutions appropriate for the student given his/her academic/extracurricular history and preferences such as major(s), location, and size

2) Ensuring that college list is appropriately balanced with target, reach, and safety schools

3) Assessment of Early Decision (and/or Single Choice Early Action) and its appropriateness for the student at particular institutions

4) Discussion of financial considerations, including availability of scholarships and other aid


Enrollment Decision

When comparing admission offers, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration, including academic programs, reputation, cost/financial aid, size, location, and opportunities after graduation.  The College Expert can assist in narrowing down the list, keeping these factors in mind while helping the student determine the best overall fit.  Services include:

1) Objective and subjective comparison of admission offers

2) Analysis of costs, scholarship packages, and availability of financial aid

3) Advisement in determining the best “fit” for the individual student

4) Examination of other factors, including athletic offers, special programs, and disability support services (when applicable)